2 x Pro Year Membership Giveaway! (CLOSED)


1. Dr. Richtofen - Reason: I think his reasons for wanting the Pro membership were very thoughtful and kind. I agree with his reasons why he deserves it and I think I do myself. SO yeah, congrats Dr. Richtofen, I'll be PMing you with the membership code.

2. ~KGB~ - Reason: I believe the fact he is willing to post more Ibles as it would get him kickstarted, his previous instructables were of a high quality and it would be nice to have more of them on the site. I also think he deserves it as he has been a big community member and will continue to be one. I'll be PMing you with the membership code.

Hey guys, Hiyadudez here!

You may (or may not) be thinking, jeez, this guy hasnt been active in a long time! Well thats cause I havent. A while ago I sold my Knex and I slowly ran out of ideas for instructables and innovation. I am sad to say I still wont be very active, HOWEVER, I will try and post some Instructables when I feel like sharing something Ive made with you guys :3

So anyway, onto the reason why you all actually came to read this topic. Basically, I have 3 pro memberships and I want to give 2 away, and I want to give something to the community, I feel I want to give something back to you all when you were all so nice and supportive when I was active, also it would make me feel good inside by giving it away, and Im sure it would make someone else feel good inside too (:

So basically to be eligible to get one of the memberships, just comment below, telling me;
A. Why you would like a membership?
B. Why you deserve a membership?
C. How would you feel if you got a membership?

I will choose the top 2 reasons for wanting the memberships on April 15th so be sure to answer by then! Also please note, if you already have an existing pro membership, you will not be eligible as I would like to give other people the chance to get one!

Thanks guys. And good luck.

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Hiyadudez (author) 4 years ago
Winners announced!

Congratulations to them!
Lowney4 years ago
If I don't get a pro membership I will kill a kitten
Thank you for your consideration :)

Hiyadudez (author)  Lowney4 years ago
Oh sorry

A) If I don't get a pro membership I will kill a kitten
B)If I don't get a pro membership I will kill a kitten
C)If I don't get a pro membership I will kill a kitten

Once again, your consideration is much appreciated :)
lemonie Lowney4 years ago
Will it be the same kitten, or will you do 3?

They have 9 lives you know... so technically the kitten will be fine. :P
he will just go through all of them for each kitten
Hiyadudez (author)  protolabs4 years ago
~KGB~4 years ago
Also, do you get 15 patches every month or so? =D
Hiyadudez (author)  ~KGB~4 years ago
15 patches to last you a whole year :P
~KGB~ Hiyadudez4 years ago
Oh ok =D
Thanks a lot for choosing me! About the patches (just as ~KGB~ mentions) do you get new ones every month, or is 15 the max before buying new ones?
Hiyadudez (author)  dr. richtofen4 years ago
15 patches to last you a whole year :P
ok, thanks for the answer
FEDOR1114 years ago
Победителям удачи, участникам полезный опыт
Hiyadudez (author)  FEDOR1114 years ago
~KGB~4 years ago
Thanks so much!!! Glag you choose me!
Najmyman1004 years ago
Here are 5 reasons why I need pro membership

1. We give out good, cheep, and awsome ideas oand solutions.
2. We can help people with what they need and what they what.
3. We show very healthy and worthy ways to make things easier in life.
4. I don't have a credit card to have pro membership.
5. I"m trustful and remarkable to get Pro membership

Please, I don't have a credit card yet and I'm not getting one till I"m in college
With Eric Cartman as a profile picture, I doubt reasons # two and three
This is Cool! Glad I stumbled upon it...just in time too. My answers to your questions are as follows-

A. I would LOVE a membership because...I don't have one :) and there's no way I'm going to be able to get one for myself...in the forseeable future.

B.Hmmm...I can't say I 'deserve' a membership but if I did get a pro membership it would push me to actually post instructables, which I haven't yet (not a real one anyway).

C. I would be stoked, over-the-moon excited and forever in your debt :)

whoa, I just realised its for A FULL YEAR!! That's AWESOME! Thanks for 'giving back' in this way. Even if I don't win its always great to see people being nice to other people .
lkrze4 years ago
A. I would like a membership because I can safely integrate so many of the projects and concepts into my Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) program students’ education.

B. I deserve a membership because I want to share information and further increase our students' interest in joining on their own.

C. I would feel further enabled to help our youth in their need become competitive and creative in the world market.

Bonus reason: Students understand deeper, faster, and retain more when they create, copy or build with their own hands.
Hey dude your really nice for giving those memberships away and i would really like one because:
1. I would love to get one because i love making stuff and showing them to people.
2. I deserve to have a membership because if i get one i can make so much cool stuff for everyone to see with patches!
3. if i got a membership i would be screaming my awesome head off and i could be like my friend HMice = )
Devy974 years ago
Hey, Hiyadudez!

I know this comment will be pretty lame compared to other comments I have seen on this page but I have to at least be in it to have any chance at all of winning it. And it's just so great to see people like you who would go out of their way just to give some opportunities to others.

A. I am a bit of an origami nerd and I would really love a free Pro membership so that I can upload higher quality instructions through PDF files.
B. I guess I don't really deserve it that much as I am only new to this site but I have seen some of your work and I think it's pretty awesome.
C. If I got a free Pro membership I would be, like, over the moon. This site rocks and I really would love a Pro account with more features.

Thanks for your humanity,
protolabs4 years ago
A. I've been getting into the instructables world, and have a few instructables that i will post real soon, and i think that a pro membership would give my projects that edge that they need
B.Well... i think that while there are some people out there who have already demonstrated that they will put it to good use, i ask you to take me at my word that i will post many instructables and be a very active member of the maker community
C.I would feel surprised, elated, and i would be very thankful to the person who gave it to me. I would also feel that i had more motivation and reason to complete my many projects.

thank you, and may the best maker win!
Tornado964 years ago
ah sad to see you sell you're k'nex :/ I'm getting back into instructables so this would be perfect!


A. I'd like the my instructables from now on to have a cleaner look with the advantages that being pro provides. like using different size text and all that.

B. Being one of the few instructable k'nexers left I'd like to improve as much as I can. The additions that come with being pro would allow for more versatility and more "professional" instructables.

C. To be honest, I'm not really in need of it, but I'd like to have it for the above reasons. It would also give me a more professional look and keep other iblers from looking down on me because of my non-proness...

The biggest reason to give me a pro membership is because you love me, Hiyadudez! ;-)

have fun in the outside world!
Puddock4 years ago
Oh man! I really have no idea about thinking to win this contest. I dont need PRO membership at all. Im fine without it. (Just wanted to say this encase I get it, and somebody else wanted it, but did not get it). So think of me last. I'll give it a try though.
1) I would like the ability to give patches...
2) I believe that paying money just to be a pro is pointless and stupid.
3) Im not going to be considered a 'PRO' unless I get pro.
4) It would put me on top of others who seem to try to but me down.
5) I don't NEED it, I just would like to have it...

Only choose me if other people don't want it. (Because I just don't care much).
Thank you for telling me about this.
BLUEBLOBS24 years ago
1. I would be able to send digital patches to someone who helped me with a question or posted something really cool

2. I have never had a Pro Membership before

3. I would feel superior and awesome also my friend wouldn't make fun of me because I don't have a Pro Membership
We (me and my two cats) would be suitable and worthy owners of a Pro-membership because;

1 We promote self-sufficiency, countryside and city orientated modernized agriculture using natural methods

2 We have helpful ideas to grow food with new easier methods and low cost easy to build yourself gadgets, most using natural energies

3 More motivated, able to reach more people to help them become more self-sufficient.

We are about to publish our first instructable dedicated to converting a bed into a workbench, so stay tuned :)

Many thanks
nerd74734 years ago
I would love to get a pro membership but I dont know the perks associated with it.
Hiyadudez (author)  nerd74734 years ago
Also, here you can see the features you can get from being pro:

me me me me me me me me me me me me me MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
to chose people, you could think of a number and people who post the closest numbers, yo give them the pro memberships:)
Hiyadudez (author)  The nerdling4 years ago
I will pick who I think deserves it based on their answer to the 3 questions.
ok then
a-i would like a pro membership because:instructables is awesome, i will post heaps of top-quality ibl'es,
b- why wouldn't i deserve one?
Well I am an excellent self taught cook,born with the gift.I could contribute to those who may have questions I may be able to answer.Also I believe I deserve a membership due to the fact I will probably be asking many questions as well as looking up answers to different things that pertain to me moving to NH and building my log home,garden,etc. so you may see me here quite a bit plus I love the fact there are real right answers to my questions and you all seem to know alot about everything .If I got a membership I would be psyched and surprised since you all seem to be much smarter than I am so I doubt I would actually get one but at least I tried :) Thanks for the chance.
(1.) I want a Pro Membership because there's no Tech Shop within hours (and hours...and hours) of my little garage shop in Possum Trot (I'm not kiddin') Kentucky. I'm strangely comfortable in this community of happily-bent thinkers. I feel at home.

(2.) I don't DESERVE a Pro Membership. In fact, I hope I never, EVER get "what I deserve". That would be a complete disaster. Only the statutes of limitation & the grace of whatever's hereafter can save my bacon.

(3.) I would feel appreciative. I would feel gleeful. I would re-name my dog "Hiyadudez"...because he's never REALLY liked being named "Festus" in the first place.
I deserve a pro membership because:
1 I LOOOOOOVE instructables
2 i reallllly whant to give patches to others
3 i will get more advantage
Hiyadudez (author)  busterbuster187244 years ago
Please answer the 3 questions to be eligible.
I WANT A MEMBERSHIP BECAUSE:i want to get instructables contests into my country and give patches to people who deserve them(lots of them)
i deserve a mabership because:i do not for now because i dont have a pleace to work i will post lots of instructables in the future(near futue)
the feeling will be the best 1 i ever had
Knex.X4 years ago
If I got a membership I could use Ibles more often
Because my wifi is really bad but with a pro I can get PDF's
Also if I get a pro I'll stop posting weird comments (I don't think I can do that)
I don't deserve it because I build good guns but because I'm trying to be helpful and friendly to people. I also deserve it because I'm Dutch so English isn't my mother language and still I speak it very well for a 13 year old. I try to make my grammar perfect.
If I got the pro I'd scream and kiss my neighbors (I don't have neighbors It would push me to be more active and try to make a new, innovative community.
Also I'd confess to my secret love (I'm afraid to do that)

Youra Sincerely,


Drew99-KGB4 years ago
I don't know that I have a need for a pro membership. But I thank you very much for being so kind to give 2 people a pro membership. I might want 1 if I knew more about them, but what I have seen, It's not anything I am really interested in. If you have problems deciding who to give it too. I would be honored to help you decide. Thank you very much for this offer, But I think other people want it more and are more deserving of it. Thanks again, Drew99-KGB!
Hiyadudez (author)  Drew99-KGB4 years ago
Well that's very kind and thoughtful of you (:

Also, here you can see the features you can get from being pro:

Thanks, The way I was raised! :) I checked it out and still doesn't really look like anything I would find useful. I think the free membership is just enough for me. Thanks again! I checked your instructables out and I subscribed. :)
Hiyadudez (author)  Drew99-KGB4 years ago
Thanks (:
lemonie4 years ago
I'm greedy: I want more.

~KGB~4 years ago
(A) I would like a membership because i could then expand my page and get it kickstarted again. I hope to do many instructables on airsofting and other cool things like that.

(B) I think i deserve membership because ive made several new concepts/designs that i showed off to the site and i got excellent feedback. I made possibly the best looking p90 around, a bolt action gun that uses a real bolt pullback, and some other cool guns/contraptions

(C) I would feel really happy getting a membership becuase it would allow me to do more stuff to expand my page, and also to give out patches and host some of my own contests.

Thanks, ~KGB~
it is nice of you giving these pro memberships away, but what are the real advantages?
also i dont think i deserve one.
Hiyadudez (author)  kwintisolo122344 years ago
Here you can see the features you can get from being pro:

AUG-5OM34 years ago
Hi, I also would like to thank you for this generous offer.

as for A: It would open a lot of new opportunities on this wonderful site, for example the PDF-download function would be ideal for me, since I don't always have (good) Internet connection.
I guess if I have a pro-M'ship I also would be more active.

For B: Why I deserve a membership? I Think someone else should decide why I should get one. (I always fell very egocentric when I talk about 'deserving' something. =D) The only reason I can think of is I almost always have a positive/constructive attitude.

C: I guess I would be very honored and also happy since I have some sort of curse when it comes to winning things I never do!

I hope you pick me,

Hello. Thank you for being so generous to give out pro memberships to the community.

A) I'd love to have an pro membership at this site, because it's an amazing site. It gives an huge amount of information and help to other people, so they can build, repair etc. als sort of things. And with an pro membership I can give those amazing people patches and other helpfull stuff to stimulate them to keep up their great work

B) I think I deserve an pro membership because I am an normal user of this site for quite an long time, and an pro membership would just be awesome for me, as I haven't got the money to buy an pro membership by myself

C) *whew* I can't realy describe it, I think I'd be flabbergasted or something like that. I'm not too good in describing feelings and that kind of stuff.

These where my answers/reasons.
Thanks for this offer
Greets ,Dr. Richtofen/Mike
akinich4 years ago
first i would like to thank you for this offer!!!

answering questions in the given order

a.)I wouldn't like a membership . I would LOVE a pro membership at instructables
it is such an amazing site where anybody can share anything and learn everything .

b.)I feel i deserve a membership because i have been a normal(not pro) member of this site for a long time and it would be awesome to have a promembership

c.) its would be very hard to describe how i would feel if i got a promembership but in 1 word I would be dumbfounded!!!

and i like the slime instructable!!! 5 stars

Hiyadudez (author) 4 years ago
Nobody wants a free pro membership?

Hiyadudez (author) 4 years ago
Just incase you didnt read the post properly, please note:

I will choose the top 2 reasons for wanting the memberships on April 15th so be sure to answer by then! Also please note, if you already have an existing pro membership, you will not be eligible as I would like to give other people the chance to get one!