2 x Pro Year Membership Giveaway! (CLOSED)


1. Dr. Richtofen - Reason: I think his reasons for wanting the Pro membership were very thoughtful and kind. I agree with his reasons why he deserves it and I think I do myself. SO yeah, congrats Dr. Richtofen, I'll be PMing you with the membership code.

2. ~KGB~ - Reason: I believe the fact he is willing to post more Ibles as it would get him kickstarted, his previous instructables were of a high quality and it would be nice to have more of them on the site. I also think he deserves it as he has been a big community member and will continue to be one. I'll be PMing you with the membership code.

Hey guys, Hiyadudez here!

You may (or may not) be thinking, jeez, this guy hasnt been active in a long time! Well thats cause I havent. A while ago I sold my Knex and I slowly ran out of ideas for instructables and innovation. I am sad to say I still wont be very active, HOWEVER, I will try and post some Instructables when I feel like sharing something Ive made with you guys :3

So anyway, onto the reason why you all actually came to read this topic. Basically, I have 3 pro memberships and I want to give 2 away, and I want to give something to the community, I feel I want to give something back to you all when you were all so nice and supportive when I was active, also it would make me feel good inside by giving it away, and Im sure it would make someone else feel good inside too (:

So basically to be eligible to get one of the memberships, just comment below, telling me;
A. Why you would like a membership?
B. Why you deserve a membership?
C. How would you feel if you got a membership?

I will choose the top 2 reasons for wanting the memberships on April 15th so be sure to answer by then! Also please note, if you already have an existing pro membership, you will not be eligible as I would like to give other people the chance to get one!

Thanks guys. And good luck.

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Hiyadudez (author) 5 years ago
Winners announced!

Congratulations to them!
Lowney5 years ago
If I don't get a pro membership I will kill a kitten
Thank you for your consideration :)

Hiyadudez (author)  Lowney5 years ago
Oh sorry

A) If I don't get a pro membership I will kill a kitten
B)If I don't get a pro membership I will kill a kitten
C)If I don't get a pro membership I will kill a kitten

Once again, your consideration is much appreciated :)
lemonie Lowney5 years ago
Will it be the same kitten, or will you do 3?

They have 9 lives you know... so technically the kitten will be fine. :P
he will just go through all of them for each kitten
Hiyadudez (author)  protolabs5 years ago
~KGB~5 years ago
Also, do you get 15 patches every month or so? =D
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