20 watt PA amp transformers.

Today I bought a 20 watt PA amp at a garage sale for 5$, and there were 2 big transformers in there.

Any ideas of what I could make?

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lemonie6 years ago

So you didn't want an amp?
Why did you buy it - were you thinking of something at the time?

mrbubl3s (author)  lemonie6 years ago
Meh, I knew amps had some big transformers in them and I was bored at the time. It's fun to take things apart :P
Yes it is fun to take things apart. Now I have a house full of bits...

gmoon6 years ago

If so, you've got a fairly high voltage power transformer (275V to 450V), and a 20 watt push-pull (probably) output transformer.

Personally--I'd refurbish it, or rewire it. Or, build a brand-new amplifier with the transformers. FYI, "iron" is the most expensive part of a tube amp, so if you're into that sort of thing, you just saved yourself $100 to $150 USD...

If it's not a tube PA, then it's lower voltage stuff...
mrbubl3s (author)  gmoon6 years ago
Ahh, no tubes, so that's lame.

I just remembered I had an old microwave :D I bet there is a gigantic transformer in there, anything neat I could do with a microwave?
gmoon mrbubl3s6 years ago
OH yeah!

(Just search for that in Ibles...)