110V 200-250Watt dummy load

As the title says I`m trying to find a best solution for a 110V 200-250Watt() inductive or resistive dummy load.
Small size 4x4", rugged , as lightweight as possible and the least emitted heat . Incandescent light bulbs are not suitable. What are my options.
Thanks guys. 

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verence1 year ago

At what voltage? What size? What frequency (range)? What impedance do you need?

And a 200W dummy load will always generate 200W of heat.

DainiusG (author)  verence1 year ago

110 volts, size... we`re talking no more 4x4 inch box. Frequency and impedance does not matter. As I basically need something to mimic a 200-250W power tool.

As goon wrote: a 50Ohm resistor will do. But it will get HOT. Think about adding a fan - or think about water cooling.

But a simple resistor is not a very good simulation for another reason: It is a pure ohmic load. Power tool are a inductive load. That may or may not be important for your tests.

DainiusG (author)  verence1 year ago

Yes, But you need thermal paste and a heatsink

Yep, that's the kind of resistors used. Only this one has only 100W. But you can use 4 (2 parallel strands of 2 serial ones).

Still, they will et hot and need cooling. Get the data sheet and check for operation temperature range. You'll probably have to mount them on a heat sink and cool that by a fan.

gmoon verence1 year ago

goon? Nice.


verence gmoon1 year ago

Ooops, I owe you an 'm'. As a non native English speaker I just had to look up 'goon' and have to say sorry. It was an honest typo, no offence.

Me a FIN, (that is FINLAND, the most awkward, strange, foolish, stupid, most.... ewerything, language), but still, having a possibelity to a conversation in this most to me stupid language, english. So never You mind them "englandiesh" expressions. Nice people they are. Got good service ewerytime. Ooohh... lost myself of the agenda. INSTRUCTABLES, (to write that, for a FIN is a bit of challence), is for time to be one of my ABSOLUTE favor's to follow. Them people here are kind of my "soul-mates"


gmoon verence1 year ago

No worries! As typos go, that was awesome!

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