As of 19:51 GMT, there are 19004 forum topics. I'm just thinking, who will post the 20,000th one, and will they be rewarded?

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zascecs7 years ago
I don't see why people are so into numbers that end in all 0's after the first digit. ...why wasn't anyone awarded at 19,000...?
Plasmana7 years ago
They was no reward for someone making the 10,000th fourm, so I think they will also be no reward if some one makes the 20,000th forum. (and besides, if they was a reward, everyone would be making loads of smap filled fourms trying to get to the lucky number) :-)
Me, and i will get a lemon.
DJ Radio7 years ago
Who cares?
roblin907 years ago
An interesting prospect, but with no defined quality control anyone could post a completely meaningless topic and claim any possible 'prize', whilst hard-working, committed Authors could be left unappreciated.

There are just too many variables to keep a track of, as I see it.

Nevertheless, it will be a momentous mile-stone on the forum front!

cj814997 years ago
not me and probably no
 Dunnu, but i dont think so

Kiteman7 years ago
Don't know.

Doubt it.