2008 Instructables and Universal Laser Cutter Contest Finalists

The winner has been announced here!

Instructables and [www.ulsinc.com Universal Laser] are happy to announce the 14 finalists in the Laser Cutter Contest. Ten of the finalists were selected by judges at Instructables.com. The other four finalists were the Instructables that had the two highest pageviews or ratings as of Monday morning, Jan. 7.

The authors of these Instructables are all in the running to win a VersaLaser worth over $15,000. Now we turn the voting over to you. Click on the "Vote!" buttons below the Instructables to submit your vote and help decide who wins the grand prize. You can vote for more than one Instructable and voting closes Jan. 31.

Judge-selected Finalists
(in alphabetical order)

Ratings and Pageviews Finalists

Second Place
The authors of these Instructables win a robot t-shirt and a laser-etched plaque. Listed in alphabetical order.

30 minute USB microscope
The Ambience Enhancer
Autonomous, Wirelessly Controlled Hovercraft
Conductive Glue And Conductive Thread: Make an LED Display and Fabric Circuit That Rolls Up.
Cool Wave Ring
Dollar Store Parabolic Mic
Handcut inlay
A Home Power Plant - Wind Power Generator Revised
How to Make a Color-Changing Lighted Faux Fur Scarf
How to make a pair of Angel Wings
How to Make an OAWR (Obstacle Avoiding Walking Robot)
Make DIY Vanilla Extract
"Quicksilver" Retro-Future Scooter from appliances and scrap metal
Solid Wood Digital Clock
The Stirling Engine, absorb energy from candles, coffee, and more!
Squishy Breast Stress Relief Toy
TiggerBot II Robot
Tube Amp Rebuild (and Mod)
U-Disp - The Digg (tm) display (Open Source)
Wooden Gear Clock

Thank you to all the judges: ewilhelm, jesse.hensel, PT, randofo, intoon, canida, noahw, stasterisk, fungus amungus, lebowski, T3h_Muffinator, and bofthem.

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Who won the laser cutter?
rush_elixir8 years ago
I like the lamp its awesome and i tried making a table like this. its fantastic
Doctor What8 years ago
Yeah vote for the driving cabinet. :-)
avone8 years ago
graffiti research lab ruined my life!!!!!
Congrats all finalists and second-place winners! This years competition was so much better than last years! There were truly over 500 kick-arse projects!!! (for the most part) Everyone, keep up the good work, and next years contest we'll break 1,000 entries! Who's with me?!
not me! I want less competition ;) jk... great work, guys!
I'm in!
I am with you!

  • BTW...any update on Project X?
KentsOkay8 years ago
Congratulations contestants! All of your Instructables were awesome!
Man, I wanted a t-shirt. Buying one from the store just won't be the same. Oh well, there is always next time. : ) Congratulations to all finalists! Good luck, and hope for my vote! : P
lamedust8 years ago
Holy crap. I'm a finalist. That was sudden.
Good luck everyone. And to all those who didn't make it on the list. I hope this doesn't discourage you from making instructables. This is where homebrew science is forged.

-BG (http://modati.com/whyineedalasercutter/)
fstedie8 years ago
Damn, I really thought I'd be getting a T-shirt with my Bluetooth iPod Instructable. 28K views in only 7 days but I guess that's what I get for waiting until the last minute :(
davidbuzz8 years ago
Vote for the Yurt - you KNOW you want to! :-) Thanks to everyone for getting me this far!
Doctor What8 years ago
Where's the cheap and effective aluminum can forge?? It deserved to be in the second place, at minimum. and magic duct tape wallet. hmph. :)
technick298 years ago
Woo! Let the voting begin! Amazing job everyone! I'm with you Muff, let's do it!
Brennn108 years ago
Congratulations everyone! I am going to have to sleep on the won I want to vote for. Every great decision takes 24 hours. (Is that how the saying goes?)
Congrats! ...I just can't decide who to vote for..they're all so good!
LinuxH4x0r8 years ago
NOOOOOOOOO! I didn't get in! Congrats to all who did!
Brennn108 years ago
Forum posts are popping up of the finalists. I guess we go vote when all are up!