2008 Power Beaming Competition

Power beaming is just another way to say solar climbing. This is a competition hosted by The Spaceward Foundation. The end goal is to design a structure that will transport material from Earth into space without using rockets.

The competition requires you to build a climber with the specs that follow:
"net weight is limited to 50 kg [110 lbs], and they must ascend the ribbon at a minimum speed of 2 m/s. [6.6 feet per second] carrying as much payload as possible. A high performance prize will be awarded to teams that can move at 5 m/s. [16.5 fps]"

Remember, this must be solar powered. Doesn't matter who wins this is an interesting engineering project, can't wait to see what people come up with.

Anyone interested?

Picture of 2008 Power Beaming Competition
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Oooohhh! I wish I had the money to do this. I would use electromagnets. Like a Mag-lev train.
Doveman9 years ago
So its like a giant elevator?
For space things, like cheese.
or bananas.
Cheese bananas.
Thats the best thing I think I have ever heard of! You must be a genius!
Fry some banana slices up, fire them in a toasty with cream cheese and peanut butter, it sounds rank but the tastes work really well together and though a bit high in fat it's got alot of healthy stuff in it...
It's wierd sounding and at first a similar combo, I was like eugh, no way then I tried and was like Mhhhhmmm
Mmmm...banana cheese....
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