The 2011 Google Science Fair

"Google is looking for the brightest, best young scientists from around the world to submit interesting, creative projects that are relevant to the world today."

"The competition is open to students aged 13 to 18 from around the world working on their own or in a team of two or three."

Sounds interesting!

More information here:

Teachers Resources:

Picture of The 2011 Google Science Fair
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Goodhart6 years ago
Aw, age discrimination in reverse ! :-) *sigh*.....nothing like this was around when I was younger.....
Um yeah, I don't think it would work well in my case....I look a WEE bit older then 18 LOL I'm almost 3 times as old ... But thanks anyway :-)
Ah, sorry I missed this the first time around....but anyway, it has to be asked....

Only 3 times older?!?
Actually, 3 * 18 = 54 so I am 2 years short of that. :-) 

But "at the speed I'm going"  there will be "no escaping"  old age (eventually). 

Well, it's good to see you living up to your potential :-)
Yeah, trying to keep it positive and "well charged", always increasing my "capacity".
fozzy136 years ago
Thanks for posting this!! It's too bad I feel like I would not have enough time to make a world-class entry in time though..
Kiteman6 years ago
(I've passed this on to my local High School contacts)
FrozenStar6 years ago
Going to the CERN LHC would be awesome.
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