So a lot of the people i know are freaking out because they believe the world will end in 2012...... I don't agree, what are your guys comment on this?

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craftyv6 years ago
I'm glad I'm an athiest, think how much angst I save myself.
lemonie7 years ago

The Jehovah's witnesses accurately predicted the return of Jesus in 1914 (but you wouldn't notice  that 'cos it's a subtle thing). They ought to have fixed a date for Armageddon by now, but despite the sound and solid infallability of their Bible the best they can do is "any day now", or "fairly soon".
They Mayans have been dead for centuries, why do people think their stuff is better than anyone else's?

Jehovah's witnessess haven't attemted to predict a fixed date for Armageddon because they beleive in the Bible, the Bible says that at this time even Jesus and the angels don't know when armegeddon is going to occur, only god. Jesus also commanded to keep on the watch BECAUSE the end is coming as a theif in the night.
.  hmmmmm  If The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit are all one and the same (Holy Trinity), how can He keep secrets from Himself?
Jehovah's Witnessess do not believe in the Trinity, in fact, with that reason in mind. It doesn't make sense either that Jesus would pray to himself. Or, since they know that God created Jesus (e.g. it refers to Jesus as the firstborn of creation, the Bible outwrightly states that God created Jesus, and Jesus refers to God as his Father.) it doesn't make since that God would create himself. Also, the Bible states that no human can see God, then how could they see Jesus when he was on earth?
You sound like one of them! Are you?

 Yes, it's the things where people are very precise about things that have already happened of little consequence, but vague / ambiguous about the important bits that I was referring to.

FFVIIBOY7 years ago
i almost hope so cuz its suposed to hapen December 21, 2012 so on december 20, 2012 im gonna do stuff id probably regret if i lived the next day
wait till the 21st, if you see the world getting destroyed, then cause mayhem.
On my calendar I have "December 21, 2012: World Ends" Then I have "December 22, 2012: Everyone sees that the mayans were wrong, and feel stupid for beleving that for a second."
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