2013 Accomplishments and 2014 Resolutions!

The New Year is almost here!  Does everyone have awesome plans and resolutions?  How about, what did you accomplish this year; new job, Instructable milestones?  Even sharing a resolution from last year that you accomplished counts!

Nothing is too big or too small to share!

I'll get the ball rolling:

Instructables moved to Pier 9 (pretty sweet!)
Hit 1 Million views (1,037,806, and steadily making it's way up)
Hit 100 Instructables (133 now!)
Posted 52 Instructables

Well, there are a few anyway :)

Work out at least once a week (well, who doesn't have a goal like this)
Reach 200 Instructables (I only need to post 67, seems possible right?)
Get organized (you do NOT want to see my cottage)

I'm sure I'll think of more later!  Your turn!

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PKM3 years ago
Coming to this a bit late...

- 1,000,000 views! Only took seven years o_O
- Became a member of the shadowy cabal running Makespace Cambridge
- Learned to use 3D printer, laser cutter, CNC router, manual lathe and various spinny cutty things
- Had something I built mistaken for something I bought
- And various non-making-related things like seeing famous artworks in Italy and learning to rock climb/snowboard

- 3760x1600! Thanks for the new monitor, employers! :)

Things I want to do this year:
- Sell something I make (to someone I don't already know). After seeing table decorations in the restaurant of a 5 star hotel which I could whip up in ten minutes on the laser, and giving a few people gifts which they said they'd pay money for if they saw them in a shop, I'm more optimistic about the possibilities.
- Learn to weld and do more serious metalwork
- Balance work, making and having a life a bit better :)

Re: selling things- where would the people who sell their crafts recommend I start?
antoniraj3 years ago
Joined Instructables on 01 Sep 2012 on my youngest daughter's birthday. Posted 34 instructables and won 10 contests. Hope to hit one million views in 2014. Planning to post about 25 to 30 instructables this year.

I am retired and got lots of time with me to try my hands on every thing I wished to do earlier
lindarose923 years ago
I became much more positive
I created A LOT
I made up my mind about what I want to do in life (at least, I think so...)
I finally opened my Etsy shop
I made my first sale on Etsy!

be even more positive
continue to create a lot
sell more stuff on Etsy and, hopefully, somewhere else too
open my own website
reach 100 instructables
hit 1 million views (very hard, but I AM positive so it's not impossible!)

Of course these are just some of my accomplishments and resolutions, but it'll be interesting to come back here next year and see what was accomplished!
Penolopy Bulnick (author)  lindarose923 years ago
Congrats on the Etsy sale! Was it uber exciting???
Thank you Nicole! You couldn't have said it better, it really was!!! :D
Yesterday I made my second sale on another site (I opened other 2 shops on different sites) and sold a clock. All this gives me the energy to do more and more! I'm sure you will love doing that too!! :)
Penolopy Bulnick (author)  lindarose923 years ago
What are the other sites you are using! The only other place I know people can sell this type of thing is Delighted.
Right now I'm using Dawanda and A Little Market. This last one is in Italian and French only, but I remember hearing of more, I will let you know about them when I remember their names :D
Another one is Artesanum which is completely free, but it looks like they don't have an English version of it.
You became a featured author in instructables in 2013!
Omg you are right, I forgot to mention that! I knew I would have forgotten something :D
Oh, and Happy 2014 everybody!!! :)
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