24 volt motor run time

Hi all,

We just finished a remote control lawn mower project that utilizes 2 24V wheel chair motors and two wheel chair batteries for drive power. The balde is powered by a gas engine. The unit weighs in at around 260 lbs and is used for some serious slope mowing. The issue I have run into is that I can only get about 1 hour run time before having to recharge. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to increase the run time without decreasing power?


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Athra2 years ago

i need motor driver circuit to run wheel chair using voice commands

sspence4 years ago
Add more batteries.
real57vetteguy (author)  sspence4 years ago
Too Much Weight.
Then you are out of luck.

sspence sspence4 years ago
You could try lighter batteries, like NiMH or Lithium Ion.
real57vetteguy (author) 4 years ago
I Had intended On Keeping The Batteries, I Just Wondered If The 150 Amp Altetnator WasaEnough To Keep Them Charged?
You're running a mean current of only 35A right now, why on earth use a 150A alternator ? A 50A alternator would probably be all you need. If you're charging SLA type batteries, you should NEVER charge them at a 1hour rate ANYway, or they'll die in 100 charge cycles, so if we said 5 hours rate, then you'd only need 7 or 8 A to charge them.
Add more batteries in parallel or use larger capacity batteries.
real57vetteguy (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
if two 12V are wired in series to produce 24V how would I wire them parallel?
You don't wire the current batteries in parallel. You buy 2 more batteries and wire them together in series. Then take that and wire it to the current batteries in parallel. Thus doubling your run time but also doubling your charge time and may require a second charger.
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