2A USB Charger?

I have an MP3 charger, that charges at 5V Solidly, i.e it doesn't change. It's rated at 2A though, would this fry a 5V 550mA mobile phone and another USB Stick MP3 player? Or should I put it through a 7805 regulator? Thanks.

Josho (author) 10 years ago
OK, thanks, the 7805 will limit the amps to 1/1.5a. Cheers!
lemonie10 years ago
The current is determined by the internal resistance of your phone & mp3 player. You cannot drive more current than they need without upping the voltage, which you know is regulated to 5V. (you're quite safe) The 7805 regulator surely only regulates the voltage? The charger will have one or similar already. L