2D pattern from a complex 3D object

I am trying to make a piece of cloth to go over a complex 3D tool, see picture. It has to fit exactly over all the ridges. Does anyone know a good way to make a pattern that I could cut the cloth from?

Picture of 2D pattern from a complex 3D object
trialex9 years ago
No way would you cut and fit a ply of fibreglass to that to match the dimensions exactly. Fibreglass is stretchable, moveable and not able to be cut exactly like that. You would lay it up, then trim off the edges or anywhere else you didn't want it. Since the part has complex curvature (curves in two planes simultaneously), a loose weave cloth like 7781 will work better than a simple over/under weave. In laying it up, you will stretch and compress areas differently. If you cut the ply to the exact shape before laying up it wouldn't fit at the end.
caitlinsdad9 years ago
Are you trying to make a cover for the part, a case to enclose the object, or you want to precut a piece of fiberglass cloth to lay in resin to reinforce the part?
Cloth should be shapeable to the object.

Look at make patterns for 3d objects. Good luck.