2nd gen Game Boy Advance Movie Player

I'm looking for a 2nd generation Game Boy Advance Movie Player. Specificly the compact flash version. I don't care what condition the shell is in as long as the circut board inside is still intact. If anybody has one that they no longer want PM me. I have been looking everywhaere for one of these and nobody has them, not even ebay! The picture is the exact verson that I am looking for, there are three versons but I will only accecpt this particular one. Thanks

Picture of 2nd gen Game Boy Advance Movie Player
VampDude7 years ago
From time to time, they appear on eBay. But I don't recall seeing one for quite some time, although there are websites for such devices.
abadfart7 years ago
i had one of these just serch GBA movie player 
Gage9878 years ago
good luck I've never even heard of these
junits15 (author)  Gage9878 years ago
ya there kinda hard to find