3-channel RGB LED Color Organ

Pretty much I want to make a 3-channel color organ and hook it up to a single RGB LED. I'm really not used to analog electronics, but I'm pretty sure this could be achieved with a single quad op amp IC. Seeing as I would much rather trust your guys' expertise over my lack of said knowledge, I thought I'd ask the experts. I did get a schematic in Multisim, but I'm really not sure about the functionality.

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Techniboy6 years ago
I designed a very simple battery powered color organ available only as a kit or prebuilt from JD&J products. The kit price is $30 plus shipping and the finishe is $37 Plus shipping. If you are interested call the number below. This cheap and extremely simple color organ is waiting for you.
Techniboy6 years ago
If you wish to contact me, call me at 1-630-532-7657
Jerry_C6 years ago
I too would be very interested. I have an acrylic guitar that I want to light up. Space is an issue so the smaller the better. You can contact me by email at bluesman(at)coffcraft(dot)com if you're still into this.

usLEDsupply6 years ago
usLEDsupply6 years ago
This is the best simple one i have found so far

there is a schematic in the links somewhere but if you can't find it let me know a i will post it for you