3-month pro memberships giveaway

I have 3-month pro memberships to give away to anybody who subscribes to my instructables after reading this notice or already subscribed.

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Are there any more memberships left?

That's really nice of you! I'd really like to try some of your recipes!
babybayrs (author)  cattibalistic4 years ago
Can't wait fof you to tell how they turn out if you try my recipes.
babybayrs (author) 4 years ago
Giving feels like receiving more. I'm well stocked with pro membership. If you need some, please confirm it with me, I can send some your way once I receive new pro membership gift for contest I win or Instructables featured.
That's very kind of you! Even if I don't receive a membership, I'm glad to have found you, your instructables look fantastic! :)
PitStoP4 years ago
I'm already following, does that count? =)
babybayrs (author)  PitStoP4 years ago
Sent the gift through private message
dbouknight4 years ago
Yep, I'm already subscribed...I really enjoy your instructables!
babybayrs (author)  dbouknight4 years ago
Sent the gift through private message
KWDragon4 years ago
That's very kind of you. I love your food instructables and am looking forward to trying your recipe for sesame balls (all 160 of them!) next weekend.
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