3 months free. Just tell me what happened.

RULES, you must NOT be educated in STEM subjects beyond the high school level.  Contest open to members 13 -18 years of age.

Just tell me. What mighty force of nature crushed this water tank?

Picture of 3 months free. Just tell me what happened.
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Goodhart6 years ago
I could bet it got warmed by the sun.....the escape valve allowed pressure to escape, but when it cooled overnight, it imploded ?
That's my answer, too! :)
Oh wait, I wasn't supposed to give an answer was I? Everyone....ignore what I wrote ...
Great, another one that doesn't read the instructions. You can sit next to me.
Well, real x-rays do not go through metal well anyways, so I figured yours was a kind of a non-answer ;-)
Tool Using Animal (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
ya'll suck! ;-)
Well is that any way to be?   We have a "be nice" comment policy. Please be positive and constructive with your comments 
Yeah, at least tell us how much, in kPa.
kilopascal ? maybe uPa 
You need a lot of vacuum to achieve the higher strengths ;-)
BTW the only education I've had beyond High School is what I've been able to read on my own :-)
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