3 point perspective drawing

3 point perspective I draw

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Chrystalkay5 years ago
I like 3 point drawing. You can get some really interesting efects from it. I do think you should have gone for a wider base on the drawing though. You can barely make out the difference between the slope of the roof on the right side building, and the side. I still would have been dramatic, but easier to see the true effect of the 3 point style.

Just a suggestion.
iproberry1 (author)  Chrystalkay5 years ago
do you draw?
Yes. Art was one of my favorite classes. Rendering in pencil to get a photograph type effect was my all time favorite, but I did a lot of the dimentional and perspective drawing both in are and in drafting.
iproberry1 (author)  Chrystalkay5 years ago
do you draw now and if so what do you draw?
I don't do much now. Most of my drawings are pre-plan and finished graph drawings for building, decorating, or design. Thoug I would like to do a couple of owl studies for my collection.
I am carving, experimenting with Paracord designs, doing beading around Christmas balls, and fixing up my little place.... still have one cabinet, one counter top, and one window hanging to make (including home made paper beads). And a couple of crochet projects in the wings.
Instructibles is likely to keep me hopping, because I am fascinated by the chain maille designs (particularly the Persian and Byzantine weaves), as well as projects for disaster and survival preparedness.
I had too many years when I couldn't do any crafts. Now that I am retired and a widow, I have too much time on my hands to let them get idle.
Posssnna5 years ago
iproberry1 (author)  Posssnna5 years ago
dodo1225 years ago
iproberry1 (author)  dodo1225 years ago
your welcome?...
Psypomp5 years ago
Looks great, although the building on the right side is at a strange slope. It could just be my eyes fooling me.
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