300 Costume Making Help

I want to be King Leonidas from 300 for Halloween, but I don't want a cheap vinyl costume, or anything like that. I want actual metal..just having some trouble figuring out what all to do.

Helmet - I've heard that aluminum roof flashing is easy to cut and work with..any ideas on how to make the skull cap/hair on top?

(Mixing bowl suggested by Jessy)

Cape - I'm going to take a deep red piece of cloth, cut up an old belt for the straps, and make some kind of clasp.

Spear - Probably some conduit with a cardboard or possibly metal tip (how does one paint metal?)

Sword - If aluminum flashing is easy to cut, ill cut out a blade, and then a plywood handle. JB weld the blade into the handle.

loin cloth thing - I might take some brown shorts and bleach the legs...I think i'd be doing everyone a favor by not wearing a real one

Arm protectors - Not really sure about these..any ideas?

Shield - A Pizza pan

If you have any suggestions on how to improve my ideas/answer questions, i'd really appreciate it. Thanks.






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galexiades8 years ago
I used a trash can lid for the shield and added trim pieces for the detail.
ElectricWojo10 years ago
I got the cheesey store bought costume - but I am modifying the 'Robe' it came with so it is more cape like. For the Brown loincloth, I have a pair of brown shorts I am cutting to a loincloth shape. I am using brown shorts because I will still have a back pocket :-) I also have tanner as my thighs are a bit white. I've also been working out the past 4 weeks preparing for this costume. For the helmet, I am fastening cardboard to the inside so it holds its shape. I went with the plastic sword/shield because I am going out getting drunk, and I want to wear this costume into bars without getting tired lugging around metal all day!
Weissensteinburg (author)  ElectricWojo10 years ago
Be careful...i heard on the news that in some states it's illegal for someone 16+ to wear a mask into a store (im guessing bars count as well) and that they're going to crack down on it on halloween.
who knows though, a fight could break out and you could have used the metal sword to fight your way through the raging masses. drunkenly replaying the movie. yelling out "this is sparta!" and then bashing people with the shield. sorry, i just got the picture in my head and thought it was funny.
If you still are open for ideas for the shield, do what my friends and I are doing:

buy polystyrene sheets from home depot and cut into round concentric sheets in a similar way to what this guy did with plywood, but without the middle part cut out: http://www.larp.com/hoplite/hoplon.html

glue it all together, and then shave it into the form you want (the best thing I would recommend if you don't have the tools is a sharp cheesegrater)

use it as a mold to make a fiberglass shield, then sand and paint....
Honus10 years ago
For the helmet/armor/sword/shield:
Have you ever used Sintra? It's basically PVC plastic sheet that can be formed by heating it up (use hot water, heat gun, oven, etc.) and then once you have your shape formed just dunk it in cold water to freeze the shape. I once made a Wonder Woman headband and set of bracelets for a co worker using it. A 4 x 8 ft. sheet 1/8" thick costs around $30- it's sold at plastic supply shops and sign making shops. It's easy to cut too- you can use a box knife, hand saw, scroll saw, table saw, etc. You can coat it with Bondo (or any other suitable body filler) to smooth seams and it takes enamel or acrylic paint well. You can glue Sintra with PVC cement, superglue or JB Weld. It will also hold screws and rivets.

Here's a template for the helmet:

Get a canvas drop cloth from Home Depot (about $10) and dye it red using RIT dye. RIT dye is available at craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michael's- it's maybe a couple of dollars for a bottle of dye.

PVC pipe with a Sintra tip glued on. Fill in any gaps with Bondo and sand to shape.

Hope this helps!
dannyrps13 Honus10 years ago
what do you think that brooch was made of? clay maybe?
Honus dannyrps1310 years ago
My guess would be brass or bronze. You could make it from plastic sheet pretty easily.
Weissensteinburg (author)  Honus10 years ago
Thanks for the tips..especially that link. Do you know what the helmet "isak" made was out of?
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