3D Domino Physics Simulation!

Just for fun, I made this little video.

And these

What do you think?
Anyways, I made that using a Physics simulation DLL for Gamemaker.
Rendered and everything on my Computer, I got Framerates a bit lower than 1(what do you expect with over 1000 Dominoes?), But the recorded video output is much faster than that.

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Have you looked a Phun? its a 2d "sandbox" free physics program
ReCreate (author)  The Ideanator8 years ago
Wow, Looks nice, Thanks for the link! :D
No problem, I think its pretty awesome.
ReCreate (author)  The Ideanator8 years ago
Haha yeah it is! (though it is very resource intensive...)
It is, which sucks alot when you want to do bombs and stuff, also has no snap tool for making brick buildings to blow up or throw stuff at.
ReCreate (author)  The Ideanator8 years ago
Yeah, Especially water...
ReCreate (author)  ReCreate8 years ago
Also, How do you do a bomb in there?
You have a big object(the larger it is , the faster the explosion), anchor it, and fill the inside with tiny shapes, lots of em. rember that when you hit play, it'll blow right away, if u want one you can set off yourself, make a hollow bok and totally jam the insides with small objects.
ReCreate (author)  The Ideanator8 years ago
Ah yeah putting objects within objects :D Thanks :D
kelseymh8 years ago
Interesting! A question -- does the simulation have to have something massive "thrown into the pile"? Especially with your second video, can the simulation deal with simply "tipping" the tail domino and following the resulting cascade?
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