3D Floating Hologram

Is it possible to make a 3D floating hologram like in the movies? I need help. I'm trying to develop something like this and I'm having trouble. Could I use an LED cube to make it? Or should I use glass and a projector? Or something else?

Picture of 3D Floating Hologram
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psimmons64 years ago
if you want to do something complicated but itll be the real deal, now we have 3D LED POV displays. its basically a lot of LEDs on a disk that spins really fast and changes the picture to create a hologram. hope this gives you an idea http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXlrTzrqsqA
tinker2346 years ago
good idea why not use bullet proof kevlar idea and use it look at the http://www.amazon.com/Mirage-3-D-Instant-Hologram-Maker/dp/B0002W3J7M
holorgram time travel back in the the early 90s awas a arcade game that made a hologram image that you can put your hand through.. no joke it was an amazing illusion and it made ppl really think we where gonna end up like in back tothe future...we have the technology just lack of fashion pazazz lol. anyway i remember it clearly as when i first stuck my head in teh system and pissed all the ppl waiting in line to play the game...thankfully back then no one wanted to ruin a 7 year olds fun. the system was a upsidedown tv that was facing a concave mirror which then projected the image above off teh glass top....thats basicaly it you may need to create a half black dome on the top too to get the best effect but it should work. my idea is to buy one of those hologram dome mirrors shadow box toys that you put a figure in and it creates an illusion on the hole in the top. cut it in half then use a ipod touch facing the half mirror and make sure no outside light is showing between the ipod and the mirror. next you'll need black duct tape and cardboard and glass top to form the box and dome. have a movie playing on the ipod and that should do it .. I havent tried it (lack of money to spend on one of those toys ...nor can i find one) but im almost 100% sure it would work. if you knowhow to make or find another concave mirrors best to experiment to find out which will work the best. try that out it should basicaly make a minni version of that classic aracade illusion so many years ago
i typed alot in previous message but i don't know i think i used the wrong comment button so i am going to put it short i studied holograms my entire lifes a projector and glass isn't gonna cut it to get even the slightest bit of a 3d hologram you need a resinating laser beam and it has to be cut in 2 by a special glass reflected off 2 mirrors and one needs to be focused into a object and the other needs to keep going then both beams need to be redirected using mirrors and 2 more glass lenses like magnifying glass to refocuos the beems intensifying them so when the recombine they slam into eachother like 2 cars moving at high speed when this happens the object or what you put before the second beam gets turned into a holographic image because with the beams hitting one another they support each other an stabalize i am planning to start a company once i recieve and inherritance i just been granted but i also have to use some of it to do some charity work its a personal belief and something i need to do email me if your interested in learning more i'd be willing to teach you what i know only if we work out an agreement because even though i been doing the work i can no longer work twards building my prototypes because i was borne with pour bone structure and due to it i am now in permminenant medical care center on life support which is another reason why i need someone to work as my right hand man as i am now on my own i have my familly but they don't know annything about electronics or science i need someone who is willing to follow what i say and who i can trust
MattGyver92 (author) 8 years ago
Okay everyone, I updated this topic so that it doesn't sound so..........demanding. Again, I apologize if the previous topic information upset anyone. I think a projector/glass method would work well, but I haven't tried it yet :).
MattGyver92 (author) 8 years ago
Again....my apologies. I will remember to ask questions instead of posting a statement from now on. I appreciate the advice.
(I guess that's addressed to me - it's easier to tell if you click the "reply" button in the corner of the post.)
MattGyver92 (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
Sry. I just joined 2 days ago....
In that case - welcome!

Just browse around, you'll get used to us.

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MattGyver92 (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
Thx. I haven't posted any -ibles yet... Just getting help for the big projects
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