3D Printing Fails.

I'm not exactly sure why, but the BBC collected a bunch of 3D printing failures.

I couldn't resist sharing the screenshots and captions, especially in light of Fungus' recent topic.


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darman124 years ago
After seeing these, I wouldn't go to bed while a print is going. I wouldn't want to waste eight hours and a bunch of plastic. I'd much rather discover a failed print when it first started. But of course, you can't help it if it fails late in printing; that would put a pit in my stomach.
Yeah, this is very common. This is part of the learning process, and maintenance, of a typical consumer 3D printer.

Other printers have issues as well, just with different kinds of failures
M.C. Langer4 years ago
"You can learn quite a lot from failure". That's absolutely true!!!!!
Patrick S4 years ago
Hah I've had a few of these...
Mrballeng4 years ago
This was interesting. Thanks for sharing it.
Ninzerbean4 years ago
Schadenfreude is my favorite word.
That is the habitual behavior in sports, Nina...

BTW, please look the bowl in https://www.instructables.com/id/Improvements-to-my-cutting-table-mejoras-a-mi-mes/, 3 last photos. It still needs a good finishing coat. Has some fails, but is far better than former, IMHO. It is my first attempt to made stave-shaped bowls.
rimar20004 years ago
Some of us would come out favored with a fault as the first photo.
If it's recyclable material, something like filabot can help reuse the wasted material.