I got a 3DS the other day and it's really cool. I was wondering if anyone else has one and we can exchange friend codes?

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I don't think its a problem but is it safe to give out friend codes? can anyone really do anything (bad) with it?
tech dawg5 years ago
mine is
hey TECH DOG my friend code is1719-3685-0507
mine is 034495102055

please add me. i added you
Do you have swap note
yes i do i sent u one
did it
dsrange4315 years ago
my code is 0946-2699-7974
hey can you register me as your friend my friend code is 1719-3685-0507
chbchb535 years ago
My friend code is 1719-3685-0507 and my name is lvl to infinity to=an arrow facing to the right yes there is one of those and infinity = the infinty sign which is also there.
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