3d printer control software

I've just finished making a 3d printer, only there is one problem, I need some software to control it. I've built a polar 3d printer, where the extruder moves around a central axis and along the radius of that axis. In other words the extruder moves about a polar coordinate system. So, I am trying to find the polar form of a Bezier curve, where I can input a set of x,y coordinates and get a polar curve connecting them.

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zachninme10 years ago
What part do you need? The converting of XY to polar, or polar to actually making it move?
Gene Hacker (author)  zachninme10 years ago
I just need a bezier curve in polar form. In other words I plug in the angle the print head is at(or will be at) and it gives me the radial position.
Goodhart10 years ago
Gene Hacker (author)  Goodhart10 years ago
Not really, I just want the polar form of a bezier curve. And Zcorp's printers operate very, very differently from my 3d printer. My printer operates in a similar manner to this 3d printer, except that it is polar and not cartesian.
guyfrom7up10 years ago
I don't have an answer, but congradulations!