3d printing vouchers from the Jewelery contest

Has anyone received their 3D printing voucher from the Jewelery contest?

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The vouchers for i.materialise and shapeways have been delivered to us and passed out. We're still waiting for sculpteo. Sorry about the wait.
SlickSqueegie (author)  fungus amungus4 years ago
Thanks for the update fungus. It figures, I pick the company that takes the longest time!
Just passed this on to the right person - you should hear something soon :)
SlickSqueegie (author)  jessyratfink4 years ago
I still haven't heard anything back from HQ or fungus. Any chance you could give another nudge?
Yep! Sending an email now.
Weird, I got mine yesterday...
Maybe they're working alphabetically?
SlickSqueegie (author)  jessyratfink4 years ago
Thank you :)
Kiteman4 years ago
Have you asked HQ about them?