4 New Pro Features - UPDATED - 1, 2 & 3 now complete!

As some of you may have seen, recently I've been playing with Perl to manipulate Instructables and gather data from profiles. More recently I developed these 3 perl scripts for use by the pro community. Since they proved fairly popular we thought we'd move them to the public forums so you can see what we've been up to. (By we I mean pro members, not staff, I'm not staff)

I thought of 3 new potential features I could develop, this time only available to pros. The fourth you can read about below, it's more of a teaser for something Lithium_Rain and I are working on.

1) Download all own instructables: Backs up ALL of your instructables to your hard drive as pdfs.

2) Download all favourite instructables: Downloads all your favourite instructables!

3) Download all X's instructables: Big fan of Kiteman? Or Ewilhelm? Or Canida? Or even Jayefuu? *gasp**shock**horror*. Going away for a week? No problem. Download all of one person's instructables as pdfs in one easy step and be set for quality reading for the duration of your trip!

4) This is more of a teaser for a work in progress. It should be out in the next month if Lithium_Rain and I aren't too busy. It's more of a server run application that uses ibles to gather interesting data. More on this in a few weeks maybe.

Using the Perl scripts  yourself: (you need to be a pro member)
1) Download Perl from www.cpan.org
2) Install Perl
3) Download WWW::Mechanize from www.cpan.org. This will let the script access instructables. It's used to fetch web pages.
4) Install Mechanize by extracting it into your Perl directory (or just follow the instructions included with it)
5) Download download_instructables_pdfs.pl or download_instructables_favourite_pdfs.pl from this forum thread and change the extension from .txt to .pl
6) Edit download_instructables_pdfs.pl. You will need to update your instructables account name and password so it can log in. The variable $target is the name of the instructabler you want to download the instructables of. Those are the only 3 things you need to change. If you like you can also edit the pdf properties to include comments, larger pictures and other things. Depending on the amount of ibles you're doing, it may take longer. It takes about 3 minutes to download my 17 ibles.

Can't be bothered to install Perl but still want a copy of your instructables?:
1) Subscribe to me (for the effort it takes me to run the script)
2) PM me your email address and whether you want your instructables or your favourite instructables or both!
3) I'll run it for you and email you a zipped file containing your instructables.

OR - wait a few weeks and Lithium_Rain and I might have a web interface ready.

People who've had their ibles sent: Zieak, Goodhart, Kiteman, Jayefuu

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Jayefuu (author) 7 years ago
Anyone else want theirs done? Just send Gjdj3 his favourite 170 instructables :D
My parents say I need more time off the computer so... yeah! Sending pm now!
Jayefuu (author) 7 years ago
Unashamed "bump"
Gjdj37 years ago
Ah, this is cool! I can't believe I missed it before. I just subscribed and PM'd you.
Jayefuu (author)  Gjdj37 years ago
Downloading them now :)
Jayefuu (author) 7 years ago
If moved to the non-pro forum does anyone think this might inspire some people to join?
Kiteman Jayefuu7 years ago
Yes, if you persuaded Eric to make the ability part of the site.

If you make it accessible via downloadable code, or through aother website, then it will be used by non-pros with as much ease as pros.

Jayefuu (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
But you need to be a pro to download pdfs. And since this uses the user's login credentials to access the site, if they're not a pro they won't be able to use the script. But knowing what's inside this thread (putting it in the non-pro area) might convince some people to join if they can see what these features are?
Kiteman Jayefuu7 years ago
Ah, of course, you are correct!

I forgot about the PDF restriction.

Jayefuu (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
I'd have to scrape the html and construct my own pdf if I wanted to do this for free members.
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