(4) flyback transformers for sale

I have four flyback transformers for sale, I have marked where the ground is for the HV on them. they are in a fine condition.

I would like to get a few of them off the shelfs, they are taking up too much room. I want to get $20 for them and I will also ship them any where in the united states for free.

Picture of (4) flyback transformers for sale
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v6mustang7 years ago
Do you still have any?
inductionheat! (author)  v6mustang7 years ago
Not many
Any idea where I could find pinout schematics for flyback transformers? I have a Samsung 14a0004c(s), and am having a heck of time finding diagrams listing the pin layout.

Also, do you have any left?
inductionheat! (author)  huck alexander7 years ago
I dont use the pins....... I just put my own primary on the flyback 10 turns on the core.

maybe you should look into 555 timer driver or ZVS drivers.
pyrosparker7 years ago
would you be willing to sell just 1 for $5?
inductionheat! (author)  pyrosparker7 years ago
I will send you one for $7 because of shipping. Is that Ok? I will try to find the one with the largest core.
pyrosparker7 years ago
$20 for all, or each?
inductionheat! (author)  pyrosparker7 years ago
that would be for all