4 wheeled Quad-Cycle!

Has anybody made or thought about making an Instructable to make a 4 wheeled bike-like a car? I've seen them on the Internet for $3-4000. Thought it would be interesting because of higher gas prices.

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KumarN21 year ago

3 & 4 Wheel pedal cycles from INDIA...

1 3 and 4 wheel prototypes.jpg3.jpgDSCF2283.JPGDSCF2307.JPG

Here is an image I got from and old Popular Science magazine. Sorry I don't have the issue number or date. I thought it could inspire someone .

4 wheel motorcycle Popular Science.jpg
ms_hnsa4 years ago
atomiczombie.com has got heaps of plans for recumbent
Flyer356J4 years ago
Somewhere way way back, I think in the 30's, Pupular Mechanix or Mechanix Illustrated magazine had a detail plan for building a little one-man car using twisted rubber bands for power. Not from the desk drawer. the bands were cut from truck inner-tubes. There were six, wound up with a crank or you could make a chuck for an electric drill. I can't rememer how they got six bands to feed energy to one drive, I think for the back wheels. Does anyone remember this, and how can I find it again. Got a grandson in college, engineer course, they tried to make a little car using the energy in the springs of rat-traps. Did not work well. The rubber-band car would make him top of the class. Answer to seniorfly@inbox.com please.
wapatterson5 years ago
I know this is an old thread, but I'm working on a quadricycle myself.

I will post an instructable on it once I am done, but the basic concept is to use 4 old bikes to form the corners of the frame and make something I can pedal my kids to school in.

PM me if you want more details as I work it out. I only have the scrap bikes right now and will start work on it this week.

As for the other plans I've found, I'm not about to pay anyone for info that should be free, so I'll be including a lot in my instructable that I had to learn myself.

Hope we can help each other here!
I'm making a wooden quadricycle out of wood, and was going to post an Instructable on it, but I can't think of an idea for the steering.
What I have right now is a frame, a square wooden frame made of 2x4's and one longer 2x4 going across the frame (for the seats soon), and I need a way to put wheels on. I have a semi-idea in my head to use forks or backs of bike frames (20") to put on the back, but I'm baffled for the front. The wood I put on the front keeps coming off with just basic screws.
Hey wait a minute, what if I took 4 xtra large L brackets from Lowes (I didn't want to spend money though, argh) and bolt the wood together? Hmm. Then, I took the slot of metal where the fork and handlebars go into (cut it off of donor bikes) and U-Bolt it onto the wood. Ideas!
Anyways, it'll have 5 gears and 3 seats (office chairs maybe?) and an SWB recumbent pedaling/steering system. If all works out great, one day I'll put a coroplast shell and plexiglass windshield on it. I only have one problem, what will I do about the handlebars? Hmm. PS I don't have a welder.
I would definitely use donor bikes for the front wheels- just cut off the steering forks. You can lag-bolt a 4x4 or a 2x4 to the front frame and then u-bolt them to it.

Keep the handle-bar posts in it, then run a piece of metal or small piece of wood to both and attach it with u-bolts at the posts. Attach a piece of pipe to the top of the wood between the handlebar posts, and then through a u-bolt on top of the cross member. Attach handle bars to the end of the pipe and you have steering.

If you scrounge you can find some 1" EMT conduit (or whatever size you need) and cut a slit in the top of it, insert a handle bar post in there and clamp it with a seat post if you have one to hold it steady.

This should give you something to work with and figure out for steering.

I think the L-Bracket Idea is good considering you don't have a welder. I am trying to teach myself and it's rough going so good luck and hope this helps!
potofgold (author) 9 years ago
heres a picture of the expensive one. think it would be cooler to make your own though.
I could not agree more, but I like this one as well, wonder if they sell kits to make your own?
just wondering where you got that picture? i'm disabled and trying to get one built that my wheelchair can roll up onto from the back like the ramps on a minivan. i will be putting a rollbar on it. thank you.
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