4 whell drive with a basic gun on top

i made a car out of knex that is 4 whell drive and i was wondering what every one thorght andi finished my semi auto gun holds 30 blue poles will post it soon

knexman (author) 10 years ago
and i just rememberd i half pulled my vehicle a part for pecies to make new part 4 gun might fix and post
knexman (author) 10 years ago
i think it is similam to a previously posted desine but my feeder has a lever 4 when the ammo dose not fall in place u just got to give the lever a jiggle it has not got my trigger on it thow i cant seem to work out how to run it past my fedder kepps on hitting on the jiggler will keep on trying if get it to work will post if not wont botther this one if i post will have a few more steps i think
crestind10 years ago
No K'NEX vehicles yet, so do post. If your semi-auto is similar in design to any others previously posted, do not post.