40% Off: an art show for the new economy

Come on out to 40% Off: an art show for the new economy this Friday!

New artwork from:

  • Aaron Geman
  • Ben Cowden
  • Daniel Benoit
  • Luigi Oldani
  • Mitch Heinrich
  • Randy Sarafan
  • Noah Weinstein
  • Shelly Cournoyer

Plus, 40 gallons of delicious home brewed beer from Dying Vines, drink serving robots, live music from Belly of the Whale, Tiny Things and No's at 10PM, 8000 sq. ft of community art space, 1200 sq. ft of show space, a big yard with a fire barrel, a bus, a man living in a shipping container and many classic mercedes cars!

Friday, February 20th, 2008 at 7PM
ABCo artspace
3135 Filbert St.
Oakland, CA

More at http://sfmedialabs.com/

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gmoon8 years ago
"Now even if you lose in the game, you still can be a winner in life..." :D Noah, are you and Randy gonna make this an instructable?
noahw (author)  gmoon8 years ago
That's probably not going to happen. Randy and I worked on this project as an extra-curricular. We created http://projects.sfmedialabs.com specifically so that we could host the how-to ourselves.

It's nothing against Instructables, and everyone over here at Instructables HQ is a big fan of the work, it's just that we all thought it be best if we kept this project out of the office for obvious reasons.

gmjhowe noahw8 years ago
I saw that on the nets, i had no idea it was you guys... Good choice keeping it off here though..
Kiteman8 years ago
Familiar names there - any chance of a preview of what you're showing?

(For those of us unable to commute to the states for a few hours...)
noahw (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
Follow the link below. You won't miss it.
noahw (author)  noahw8 years ago
And by below, I mean my reply comment to gmoon...
Kiteman noahw8 years ago
Haha, that's rather amusing. Now you need to make a "skin" to convert a Wii remote for the same reasons.