403 Forbidden Request forbidden by administrative rules.

"403 Forbidden Request forbidden by administrative rules. " This shows up after two pages of going through this website...whats the problem?

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miaka112884 years ago
Help please i have the same problem in my wattpad. Request forbidden by administrative rules". i can't update my wattpad in my ipad and computer as well. thank you
If you are still experiencing this can you please email support@instructables.com with a detailed description of the error you are experiencing, what actions you were doing when you got the error, and your browser and operating system information. A screen capture would also be helpful. Thanks!
musick_087 years ago
THe same thing happened to me, try downloading google chrome. I did it and it works (:
Can you help me this same error message comes up whenever i try going on this site at all on my ps3 browser, but it doesnt happen on any other site. whats the problem?
CanadiaEskimo (author) 8 years ago
Is this still happening to you?
CanadiaEskimo (author)  lebowski8 years ago
Occasionally yes, and for some very odd reason...whenever i search "t-shirt" I cant go past page 5...
Can you email me the url (s) when you see this error message? You might try clearing your browser cache. cloude [at] instructables [dot] com
CanadiaEskimo (author)  lebowski8 years ago
I cleaned it all up, i'll email the url's when it happens next, thanks for your help :)
Does it show up after any 2 pages?
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