5 dangerous things you should let your kids do by Gever Tulley

Here is a great talk about 5 dangerous things you should let your kids do by Gever Tulley. I would really encourage you to try all other things w/ your children, cousins, brothers, sisters or whomever.
Here is a link to the video. I don't think instructables can embed videos from ted but I will try to it anyway.
UPDATE I found a youtube version.


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tomonto9 years ago
Fire: not that my parents know of..... knife: many deep cuts (again none my parents are aware of....) spear: broke my finger..... appliances: several sitting in my room(not sure what they are anymore.....) drive: through the garage door.....oops.
CapnTac9 years ago
Lol, awesome video, but he said number 5 twice.
Kiteman CapnTac9 years ago
#5 should be "Break the Law" - he just gave two easy examples.
Kiteman Kiteman9 years ago
Make that "Break Stupid Laws".
Kiteman9 years ago
In Scandinavia, any child who has not broken a bone is considered to have had a poor up-bringing. My boys - > Fire: check, both at home and at camp. #1 son has cooked over an open fire as well. > Knife: check. Actually, I'm jealous of #1 son's knife. > Spear: does archery count? Or air-rifle shooting? (Actually, I've just realised that they make their own "spears" out of sticks and bamboo). > Appliances: check. Their knives have screwdrivers and pliers on them. > DMCA: check, sort of. They bring me CDs to rip and put on their DSs for them. I haven't explained copyright laws to them, just the idea of plagiarism being bad. > Drive: #1 has steered on my knee, #2 can't see out yet, even on my knee.
Doctor What9 years ago
I've done all those things starting out when I was little. And I'm still here. I could die tomorrow, but I didn't kill myself when I was 10. He proves a great point about saftey. Kids get cuts and bruises, and you don't have to sue someone just because of it. Some things should be checked though, like lead concentration in toys.
joejoerowley (author)  Doctor What9 years ago
Who ever said a little Pb is not good for the soul. (JK) Its more dangerous if the kids don't know how to use a knife and then try to learn at a old age.
I used to use my teeth to open lead sinkers. So far it hasn't hurt me. But I agree with the knife. I've cut myself numerous times, but I just learned from it. I've done more damage from stubbing my toe (broken two, and one of those was broke twice) than from a knife (almost cut half of my fingertip off... twice).
i cut myself badly, didn't touch a knife for a long time afterwards, but it seems to almost teach you how to use a knife.
Goodhart9 years ago
Yep, I agree. I owned a Barlow carbon steel pocket knife when I was 12. I still have it. It is in great shape, though a bit worn.

About the time I turned 14 I learned how to be safe with a firearm; a shot gun, specifically a break open single shot 20 ga. I got so proficient with it I could fire off 2 sometimes 3 rounds at a flying pheasant before it got away :-)

But I never aimed it at anyone, and was always, even as a 12 year old, very careful with the weapon.

Today, kids shoot themselves when they find a gun because they don't know what the thing is.....Oh LOOK ! a TOY. *sigh*
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