555 Timer Projects

Help me find projects using a 555 timer as many as possible. The hreater the better

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atrumblood5 years ago

Best resource I have found yet on 555 timer circuits. Although nearly all of them lack any sort of documentation.
That site is good I just hate the setup. The chips pins are not 4 on each side. I find that's harder to work with
caitlinsdad5 years ago
Based on relativity, a simple search would yield over 9000. What's hreater?
Based on the assumption that he is using an English standard keyboard, and that the relative proximity of the H to the G is close, and that people tend not to check for mistakes in typing (I admit to being guilty of this also at times), I would come to the conclusion that the poster probably meant to type greater rather then hreater. :-D
maybe that is why Hoogle doesn't work.
no, but DogPile still does.....
Kiteman5 years ago