555 timer help

lets say I have one 555 timer and I wanted to have two LEDs blink at a different time each three seconds apart like this LED #1 Blink...1...2...3 LED #2 blink...1...2...3 LED #1 blink... how would I do that or is it even possible.

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PetervG10 years ago
Does this have to do with my LED flash light topic?
iman (author)  PetervG10 years ago
No not really I am planning on making two blinking "fireflies"
iman (author) 10 years ago
thanks I will look into that
LasVegas10 years ago
A 555 and an octal counter chip. Tie output lines 0 and 1 to LED #1, lines 2 and 3 to LED #2 and line 4 to the reset line. Lines 5, 6 and 7 would be unused.
ongissim10 years ago
I would suggest using a 556 timer AND a 555 timer. A 556 timer is basically two 555 timers, only in one cheaper, more convenient package. You can use the 556 for LED#1 and a delay for the power to the other 555 timer.