555 timer

I need help to understand how a 555 timer works, but mostly how I could build one. or if some ones willing to make one for me, i'll buy it, but it needs to have a ways to control it. well talk if your interested. I need it for a gate control for my SCR induction furnes.

Kiteman6 years ago
If you delete it, I'll delete my responses.
Flintlock6 years ago
I'm going to assume that the "how" (like already mentioned), is just ignorance of the date posted. Not bothering to look to the immediate right.

I'm going to assume that the "why" is a combination of boredom and trying to feel superior by making half witted attempts at making others feel bad, therefore slightly raising their self esteem for a slight second.
Flintlock6 years ago
Yes, how does one drudge up such a forum?

Besides, of course, searching for a 555 timer, and finding it...