62 Projects to Make with a Dead Computer

For the past two years I have been engaged in the wild world of print publication. I've seen fire and I've seen rain. I've seen... something something... that I thought would never end. And finally today I received the first copy of the book in the mail.

After much hard work and anticipation, I present to you all 62 Projects to Make with a Dead Computer.

This is the greatest book about computer repurposing that I ever wrote! I recommend that everyone should go out and buy a dozen copies for everyone they ever met.


We celebrated Randy's amazing achievement this afternoon with pizza, apple juice, home made cookies and ice cream.  Randy's mother was nice enough to coordinate a surprise visit from "Dame Edna" who sang us a song and brought Randy a sweet dancing robot and some nice balloons. A good lunch was had by all.  Congratulations Randy!

Photos appear below.

Video coming soon!


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I'd buy your book if I had a job.
randofo (author)  masterochicken7 years ago
Perhaps you can win one soon ;-)
 Spoiler Alert!
What what now?
 (removed by author or community rhinoceros)
Aw, you mean I bought one and will soon be able to win one?   Rats.....oh well, I rarely am able to submit anything in time for contests anyways, much less win something :-) 
awesome thumbnail...

beefcake!!! BEEFCAKE!!!!!!!!
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