6v dc flourescent lamp from 12v source.

I have a left over Coleman dual florescent bulb set up from an old lantern that has several problems. The lights work and I want to hard wire it into our camper to run on our 12v dc back up. The current lamp setup is 2 6v, 6 watt bulbs. I know I can run them in series to accommodate for the extra voltage but do I need to worry about amperage? Do I need a resistor and if so, what wattage? Am I missing something else important? Thanks.

Picture of 6v dc flourescent lamp from 12v source.
Goodhart9 years ago
Or you could build (or buy) a step down power supply (dc to dc is trickier though than ac to dc).
guyfrom7up9 years ago
flourescent bulbs works at hundereds of volts, I bet theres an inverter in there running both of them in parallel or series. So you couldn't run them in series
defiant1 (author)  guyfrom7up9 years ago
So then, How do I power from 12v. There are 3 wires. There used to be an option for one or both lights. I want to run both always. Can I hook directly to the 12v for both? I won't over power them?
. You need a wiring diagram. A quick search for Coleman dual fluorescent might help. Include the model number to narrow it down.
. Usually, but not always, the green wire will go to ground, the black wire to negative (usually ground on a car), and the yellow wire goes to positive. In this case, the green may be for the second bulb.