7 Layer Cake

My baking skills are not good enough for me to do this on my own, but I'd love to see an Instructable on making a traditional 7 Layer Cake. I was surprised to find it in the supermarket freezer the other day and wished I knew how to make it (at least in theory). It is usually only found somewhere where there is a large Jewish or Eastern European influence and there seems to be fewer and fewer bakeries making it so I'd love to have a recipe for posterity should I ever be inclined to give it a try. It was the first time I've seen it in California (and it was shipped from a bakery in Brooklyn no less!).

Picture of 7 Layer Cake
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Randofo, what would you give me if I posted this?? :D
Ack! And I was going to enter my version of it in the Cake contest :-) As long as you don't use ganache, it should be ok though :-p
Goodhart, I'll make you a deal. I won't enter my seven layer cake in the cake contest (thereby letting you enter it) if randofo sends the patch to me. Deal?
Oh I was just teasing really. I don't want to tell you what to do.

Even if you entered it, if it is like the one pictured, mine would be, um a little different :-)

Actually, I am not much of a baker, as I am a cook (two totally different skill sets, really), but the one I made in the past, twice actually, if it turns out again, is a chocoholic's dream :-)

Really, I was just trying to be funny... ;-) But, if you post it here, it may be considered by others as "up for grabs" *shrug*
Oh, okay. Well, that's a good point-I would be slightly perturbed if someone won the cake contest with MY recipe. Anyway, I'll bake one so I can take pics and post it as soon as possible.
Yes, I have got to get out sometime this week and pick up a few supplies....some cream, unsweetened chocolate, almonds, and a few other things :-) I want to make a proper Torte
Ah...a purist!:) Ill be making "ghetto" torte...tastes good, but I don't have shortening, so I'll use butter or oil, and I don't have the proper chocolate for the filling/icing, so I'll be using some 63 %cacao dove chocolate...you get the idea. But it'll still be torte.
I have read somewhere, for those of us not very practiced at Baking, but are half decent at cooking......"While cooking - - experiment; while baking - - follow the recipe :-) I have made a chocolate cake once that tasted wonderful....but it looked like someone had stepped on the middle of it, and then poured Ganache into the center of it (the ganache kind of half melted and flowed into the center.....it turned out like a giant, hard chocolate filled irregular donut. LOL Not pretty, but it tasted great :-)
Lol! I am almost done w/ the dobos torte, the layers are chilling, but they are a little soft, I guess I didn't bake them long enough. I thought they would harden when I took them out, like my cookies. They still taste okay, though.
Well, I got all my ingredients.....now.....where can I purchase a little TIME LOL
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