7 Panormas

These are pretty cool..there are 7 interactive panoramas...just click on the one you want, and then use your mouse to drag around.


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gmoon10 years ago
Yeah, panoramas.dk is a great site. Nice link. I'm surprised there aren't more ibles on VR panos--they are certainly fun to make!
Weissensteinburg (author)  gmoon10 years ago
. Wow! The Seven Wonders were mildly interesting, but, you're right, the Apollo pics are AMAZING. While I was there, I grabbed the "hasselblad" shot (astronaut reflected in another's visor) for my desktop - to take the place of the current "first footstep" pic.
lemonie10 years ago
I picked this up earlier in the year: it's worth having a look at Coudal now & again.
Today I see "how to make two lightsabers in two minutes"

tomonto10 years ago
on the rio de janeiro there are people taking pictures of the camera. i like the macchu picchu.
whatsisface10 years ago
Those are awesome! Thanks for the link!