8 Barreled Turreted Shotgun


Picture of 8 Barreled Turreted Shotgun
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Mepain4 years ago
Wow way to steal my gun
GrandeSwag (author)  Mepain4 years ago
Photoshopped. I can tell from the pixels.
tytiger334 years ago
You really should post this gun.
If not you mepain should
TheRacker4 years ago
Evar gonna be posted?
GrandeSwag (author)  TheRacker4 years ago
Nope. Really annoying to take apart.
Can you make an out of gun replica of the turret and trigger and handle at least?
Mepain DJ Radio4 years ago
It's my gun. If instructions are to be posted, they will be posted by me.
DJ Radio Mepain4 years ago
Ok then.
still post please, or only the turret
Knex.X4 years ago
holy **** this looks great
Looks great bro. =)
wouldn't it take along time to load considering a normal shell takes like 10 seconds
Yea it would.
Thats why I think mine is better
Kind of true, yours is much more compact. But this gun fires more projectiles per shell; which equals a grater hit probability.
but take this into consideration my is quicker to load so it can bust out more rounds faster
Oh yeah I remember seeing this on KI at one time or another. i thought it was sweet, and I still do. : )
It's a shotgun, with 8 times more swag...

Which is fantastic!
mahmel4 years ago
Awesome, post more pictures. But does the front part not block the bullets?
GrandeSwag (author)  mahmel4 years ago
The front part does not block the "bullets".
Than it's even more awesome than it already was! Nice work
MegaMetal84 years ago
GrandeSwag = 100% SWAG
TheRacker4 years ago
Damn bro gun got swag.