9/11 Eight years later. Are we being told the truth?

So here we are, 8 years after the events of 9/11. Are we being told the truth? Was there a multinational conspiracy to commit these attacks? Was there a U.S. cover-up of the facts? Who has benefitted from the attacks? Do you feel safer today? Are your rights being infringed in the aftermath, in the name of "national security"? I don't know about you, but I get the feeling we've been lied to!

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These are my answers.

Some truth is told, but a lot of is not revealed or altered to change the way people interpret it .
People who benefit from the wars (*cough* certain oil companies *cough*).
Not at all. 
I'm not old enough to really know, but I'd say so.
skunkbait (author)  bassclarinet238 years ago
I'll just say, your generation is growing up in a VERY different America than the America your parents and grandparents knew.

Flying USED to be fun.
We actually expected things done and said in private to remain private.
Free speech did not make you a terror suspect.
It was considered patriotic to question our leaders.
Buying fertilizer or gunpowder didn't get you put on a watch-list.
Carrying cash wasn't considered a suspicious activity.
Funny clothes or art projects were not percieved as bomb threats.
You could profess your faith publicly, without beeing seen as dangerous.

Sadly, I could go on and on.......
Yes, you're quite right (unfortunately). I think the paranoia has created more fear and danger.
I don't care if it is a Southern Baptist ,  Roman Catholic ,  Muslim or Hindu ,  hardcore religious fundamentalists scare th' crap out of me I

Anyone who is conviced that only his faith is THE WAY  and is prepared to slaughter any one who dares to say different is insane and should be put in a round , rubber lined room in  a custom fit "i love me ! " jacket !

Obsessive religous conviction of this sort has been responsible for more death ,  destruction and sheer human misery than all other sourcers combined !!!

Especially when you mix politics in to th' equation !
when faced with an unexpected , unpleasant event ,  th' first impulse of ANY proffessional politician is to LIE !!!  Loudly ,  repeatedly and accuse anyone who has a different view of th" situation of tryin' to pervert th' "facts" in an attempt to hide th' "truth" !

Unfortunatly ,  It works just far too often ( check "W's" track record ! )
skunkbait (author)  gearhead19518 years ago
Yep, you got it.  It's amazing how dis-satisfied I've become with both major parties.  I consider myself a patriot, and fairly conservative, but neither party has been faithful to the Constitution in the last 20 years or so. 

And yes, it works FAR too often.  Their motto is "When in doubt, LIE like a dog.  When anyone questions the lie- call them Un-American/Racist/Conspiracy Wackos."
DJ Radio8 years ago
I would like to point you to this article posting. Sorry about it being NSFW, I did not write that in the first place.
skunkbait (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
I looked at it. It's kinda funny. It's a little superficial, but might be right. Like I said, I'm not pointing fingers at our gov, or anyone else for that matter (except to say at least 19 or so middle eastern terrorist definitely were involved). The things I question are primarily the 9/11 Commision Report, media coverage, and potential cover-up and misinformation of the attack AFTERWARDS.
Yeah, I thought it was funny, and I like that he can back up his statements.
skunkbait (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
Man!!! It's blocked on my work computer!!! I'll have to see it at home. What was it about?
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