A Bike With No Seat Or Pedals!

I thought this was very cool! 

Weird 'Flintstones' Bike Has No Pedals or Seat
7 hours ago - 2:28
German engineering students have created a new way of getting around, and it's called The Fliz. The new James Dyson Award-nominated form of transportation is powered the old fashioned way: by your feet, Fred Flintstone style. With no pedals or seat, will this new form of transportation actually take off? Only a panel of experts bankrolled by the expensive vacuum cleaner salesman can decide! Also, Lady Gaga's meat dress is now a painted beef jerky dress, and will be on display in a Washington, DC mu.


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Kiteman5 years ago
Isn't that just a boneshaker you wear on your back? That's not new, it's a step back 200 years!
wolf996 Kiteman5 years ago
Actually That Would Be Farther Back Than That The First Bike Was Upright But, No Pedals. And There Is A Place On The Top For A Bag. Also It's Like Running But, No Constant Steps Kinda Like Gliding
sunshiine (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
I actually like the old version better:

wolf9965 years ago
"Tired Of Hanging There Like A Testicle With Wheels"
Yes That Just Had To Be Quoted
Did yall notice the strap between the legs? Not only do you get a workout but also a wedgie and aggravated hemorrhoids.
sunshiine (author)  thematthatter5 years ago
It looks like an impossibly awkward and impractical scooter. There is not even a way to carry a bag or backpack. Perhaps one element of the design could be used to improve some other invention, but it is mainly a curiosity.
sunshiine (author)  CatTrampoline5 years ago
I hear you on that! It was funny though.
Moem5 years ago
It's definitely cool. What I'd like to know is whether it has any real advantages over bikes and scooters.
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