A Cat in a Box!

Sorry, no hilarious picture - but a thought exercise!

Imagine a steel box (to shield the contents from the universe) that contains a cat. Inside this box is a device that contains a gas which may, or may not, cause instant death to the cat. One hour after the device is released in the steel box (with cat) - what is the state (assume only two states - alive or dead) of the cat?

Mind you, you have no method to measure the results of the possibly poisonous device - after all, measure the result and you change it! I imagine there are a few of you that have read about this very scenario in an academic setting :)

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KentsOkay10 years ago
Dead, the cat suffocates.
Quantum cats have no need to breath LOL
Maybe... maybe not
Gjdj3 KentsOkay9 years ago
Hahahahaha. Best answer so far. No, wait I just read Kiteman's. 2nd best!
tony stark9 years ago
That sounds like school, but me and my friends are still alive, LOL!
Gjdj39 years ago
Dang it all! I had made a big deal about not reading the answer that someone posted so that I would have to think it through myself. Then I scroll down and see quantum all over the page. That totally gave it away! I think I figured it out though.
Goodhart10 years ago
If this cat is wearing a hat, he will always be alright in the end.....
You missed out the most fundamental part of the experiment - the quantum event! Also, the gas will kill the cat if triggered by the quantum event, and the probability of this happening is 50%.


Pat. Pending
Garth Knight10 years ago
( In box web cam)

the cat is doing ok
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