A Discussion and Breakdown of Opinions and Controversy Within The Community

So I had this dumb idea that a few of us "KI"ers, as you call us, could have a fruitful and interesting discussion based on several topics through an audio AMA-type format.  The idea is that you guys post a bunch of questions below, and we answer and elaborate as we see fit after a week or so, putting all the discussion in a nice, short 30-ish minute podcast.  If you're interested in hearing us talk about whatever, whether it be our taste in mechanics, or what happened with KI, or even how you guys feel about us, let us know below and we'll see how this goes.  Again, I aim to approach this with a semi-serious and thoughtful tone, so it's not just going to be 30 minutes of us saying "lol those ibles guys are so silly" and such nonsense.

I don't expect much to come out of this, but if we have some fun or start a fluid conversation, it'll be worth it.

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let's hear it already! Lol get to action


Never too old for fun! I'm excited to hear the talk.

DJ Radio3 years ago

PS, are you guys really having these same discussions on ammo and semi-autos from 2 years ago? I thought the metagame would have been established as to what is "correct" by now.

DJ Radio3 years ago

Wow, just saw this. Never thought I'd see the day when Mepain would post again. I may have moved on to bigger things but this was a crucial part of my early teenage years. I wish you the best of luck with this endeavor.

I would be interested to hear you more experienced K'NEXers talk about why you prefer rod ammo over connector ammo. I extremely dislike rod ammo, but so many of you KIers like connector ammo (and yes, I literally did a survey: http://theredbookofwestmarch.weebly.com/the-weekly..., its the second to last survey/poll on the page, down at the very bottom) that I would like to hear why. There are a lot of other issues that I would love to hear addressed, but many (if not all) are super subjective and heavily opinionated, so that they would not be much help to the community.

Not to butt in, and I'd like their input as well. But just my quick two cents; I really like connector ammo as well for one main reason: it's reliable and easy to work with. That said, there are a few problems with it. First off, the one that I dislike most is they take up more space, about 2 connectors for every 3 rods if you measure. Second, they're more piece hogging depending on what you fire. Like if you wanted to use a grey and orange, then you'd have those two and a green rod connecting them. Finally, they're less durable and prone to breaking. I'd highly recommend using a rod to absorb the impact of a pin gun regardless of the ammo. And even then, if you hit something hard enough, the front of the ammo will break. Furthermore, if you have multiple pieces, then there's a chance your ammo will break into them.

The only real downfall of rod ammo is the interlocking nature of them in magazines, which we've bypassed by chambering them and firing separately.

Also, Ooda did his research apparently. Oodammo wins. And then I think it was red rods? Correct me otherwise. But because red rods are rather obnoxiously long, yellows serve just as well.

I'm with you there. I personally prefer connector ammo for multiple reasons.

In the first place, I find connector ammo (from now on, CA) to weigh more than rod ammo (from now on, RA). Why is this important? Well, in the first place, I find that heaver ammo (in a smaller package, mind you) tends to be more accurate. Now mind you, I not saying that a grey rod would be more accurate than a red rod, 'cause I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be. What I am saying is that because CA tends to be heavier than a rod of the same size (and can be much heavier than a rod of a much larger size), it seems to give it more accuracy.

In the second place, because it (CA) can be smaller than rod ammo, it can still spin in the air without a heavy decrease in range (as a result of friction from the air). If I were to shoot a yellow rod and a dark grey one slot connector + a green rod, and if both were to spin, the dark grey connector + a green rod would (necessarily) go farther than the yellow rod, as a result of less drag.

Lastly, CA is better (IMO) than RA because it lacks all of the edges that make RA so horribly annoying to me. This, in and of itself, is why I prefer connector ammo.

All of what you say about connector ammo may be (or is...?) true, but, in my humble opinion, connector ammo weighs more, flies truer, spins less, is easier to use (has less jams) than rod ammo.

As to the research that Ooda did, I know not. I am not a big fan of oodammo, it is just to big for my tastes.

*ignore all typoes within this comment, it was scarcely proof read*

Perfectly understandable. Well, what say you to this? Test different ammo for yourself. If your theories hold true, then they should show clearly in testing. From my experience, shorter ammo will spin out faster, but once it does spin out, the effects are less substantial than on longer ammo. Really the trick is making ammo with a heavier front than the back. That's what oodammo did, albeit not perfectly. While it's wide and not good for traditional barrels, the nice thing about it is it's still short, and it helped invent break-open magazines and speed loaders.

I have often wanted to do this, the problem is finding a gun that anyone here on instructables would be fine with me using as a base. I would love to put a study out there that shows what ammo does what, but I have never had the time, the gun, or the patience to do it. I'm sure you can understand that. *wink wink*

All that you say about oodammo may be true, I guess I wasn't around then. The industrial revo... I mean, the oodammo revolution.

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