A Fact about Eric

I wrote a little Perl script which works out how many total views a user has by visiting all of their instructables and adding up the views.

I ran it on ewilhelm, and the result was  1693728

Me 59561
Canida 1902202

Would anyone else like to know theirs?

I'll post the code if anyone's interested in looking at it.

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 Oooooh do me!
Kiteman8 years ago
Well, if you've written the code, there's no need to waste it...
Oh, you just like making other people despondent, admit it...
Even the largest ego needs propping up occasionally.

Jessy still has more subscribers than I do...
Jayefuu (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
I wish it didn't take so long to access 100 ibles :p Would be so much easier with database access. Not to mention less load on their servers ^.^

After waiting 6 minutes....

1201961! You're a millionaire too.
Jayefuu (author)  Jayefuu8 years ago
Your ego will be glad to know that Jessy has 733090 total ible views. Your ego won't be glad to know that she has more than half your total views but under half the number of ibles :p
I would like to say that I feel like I'm doing pretty well. I'm sure if I could be more active in the forums I'd get more clicks, but alas, I suck at the internets. :P
...said the woman who got featured on boingboing, and jezebel, and lifehacker...
Jayefuu (author)  jessyratfink8 years ago
I think that has helped my total views. Answering lots of questions. I have done mostly cooking ibles though, which don't seem to be as popular. Time for some electronics projects me thinks, I've got an uber geeky light planned for when I can get hold of some scrap copper pipe.
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