A Few Random Crossbows

I was bored so I made a few small crossbows, the ones with rails are more like indoor toys...they shoot everything and tend to keep it in one piece (most of the time) xD That little crossbow without rails still packs a punch, so don't try and shoot it at someone o.o' And uh that also counts for the other 'little' crossbow.

Picture of A Few Random Crossbows
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dsman1952768 years ago
here is a idea, make the limbs able to bend up and down. and then attach rubber bands to pull it forward. it would make it work better(i think)
Wicky (author)  dsman1952768 years ago
You mean artificial bend-able limbs using rubberbands and then using a normal string for tension? Done that before, not on this type though...might try it.
well, you don't need to use a regular string, but i think it would hold up better.
i have done that just string it wasent powerful but it got decent range like 10ft and my boe was no the best the yellow cons that were holding the bow in plae wear out fast
You mean like a band counter-tension technique? Could work, could prove very powerful...
LoL Ive got one. Its awesome.
Yes :-) I dont know how much it is helping, but it certainly is to some extent. Its a repeating missle launchine Crossbow. Ive been working on it for a long time. Im gonna enter it for KI contest #7.
Awesome, I wish I could enter, I'd probably enter my bolt action or my semi auto, not that I'd win, but still, lol. Any pics? P.S Sorry wicky for going off topic, you can delete this if you think it is spam.
Yeah, I doubt I will win. Not yet, I will upload them later.
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