A Giant Lands at Heathrow

The Airbus A380 has landed at Heathrow - it's first commercial flight to the UK.

It is huge!

24 metres high, 73m long, 80m wide - potentially carrying over 800 passengers, but instead they've installed enormous business class seat/beds, and first class passengers have their own rooms.

Even it's economy-class seats are two inches wider and longer than a jumbo's.

Yet they claim that it is more fuel efficient in terms of fuel per passenger per mile than an SUV such as a Rangerover!

BBC news story

Video - landing at Heathrow
> Watch the wings sag as the wheels take the weight!
Video - a tour inside the A380
Video - on board during the flight to the UK
Meet the man who's hobby is flying on the A380. He's single.

Facts and figures

Picture of A Giant Lands at Heathrow
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Brennn109 years ago
It is too bad currently Heathrow has similar troubles to the Philadelphia Airport. Sadly... in the Philly, those troubles are constant.
I was lucky enough to see it as I passed through the Philly airport recently. It was positively massive, I'm surprised the thing could ever get off the ground.
The mechanical force of lift never ceases to amaze us all.
Kiteman (author)  Brennn109 years ago
Mechanical force? I thought it was tame gremlins...
billions and billions......of butterflies.
Kiteman (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
... with really sticky feet!


i saw that, i was flying out the day after and i saw it!
ll.139 years ago
Does it go Mach1 or even 2? xD -nuh uh.
ll.13 ll.139 years ago
Oh, nice plane btw, but I do prefer Airbus Belugas :)