A Good Crucible

Im new to the forge community and i need some advice. I built my first forge useing the charcoal and coffie can method. i melted about 20 or more cans so far and got about 86 grams of aluminum. The crucible i used was a soup that i burned through. I done that twice. While melting I got a lot of slag. Is that normal when melting cans? I also need a good crucible. What can i use for now and where can i get a good one later. I plan to make a propane forge in the near future so a few tips here would be helpfull as well. Any and all advice would be helpfull. Thank you in advance ~Jeht Black~

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Toga_Dan1 year ago

cut open a propane tank (carefully) don't blow yerself up.

Stainless steel water bottle.

Clay flower pot.

Try a depressurized fire extinguisher(make sure it is steel) then cutting the bottom off. The fire extinguisher is steel and should hold up well if you are melting metallics such as aluminum.

I've used that, but after the second burn, mine is at the failure point, so they do work, and are a great size for the Mini Foundry model, you'll need several.

PobbyHeglar2 years ago

Scrap steel pipe should work just weld a bottom on it. also you can flux and degas with washing soda (baking soda spread on a cookie sheet cooked at 200 f for 30 min) and table salt

BillC22 years ago

Good morning. My name is Phil Wittmer. I am a Customer Service Representative from Engineered Ceramics. The link in your post titled "Crucible site" is a broken link. For information on ceramic crucibles you can visit Crucibles . I hope this helps.

Goodhart10 years ago
Here is someone's post in another forum on making a good crucible: Post on Crucible
Jeht Black (author)  Goodhart10 years ago
This is good information, thank you. What type of clay do I use when makeing a crucible?
iv heard that ceramic works well. try makeing one out of fire cement using a small contaner as a mold.
I am not positive. It would have to be something that could be fired and would not crack under high heat.
Jeht Black (author)  Goodhart10 years ago
alright. thank you for the information
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