A HUGE Apple!

I found this huge apple in my grandparent's back garden (yard)! I have never seen an apple so big before...

Picture of A HUGE Apple!
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ChrysN9 years ago
How does it taste?
Plasmana (author)  ChrysN9 years ago
I didn't taste it - it has a really weird and very strong smell...
It was probably genetically modified, hence the smell.
I had a genetically modified apple that tasted like a grape once. It was... interesting.
Yep. I found them at Food Lion, and had to try them. In saying it tastes like grapes, think more along the lines of grape cough syrup. Nothing spectacular. Apples taste better as apples.
Grape cough syrup? D: That sounds kind of nasty.
Oh, yeah, there;s a lotta grape cough syrup!
I hate grape cough syrup. It's almost as bad as the gritty "bubble gum" cold medicine...
I LOVE the bubble gum cold medicine!!! Gritty though...
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