I found this HUGE spider in my house!!!
That is the biggest spider I have ever seen in my life! :O

I don't know what kind of spider is that, can you please tell me!

I will give you some clues...
  • Found in south London UK
  • Has some hair all over its body and legs
  • Has dark red legs
  • Has brown/black body
  • Has two funny looking antenna (with a 'ball' on the end) on its head

Also, I used a pound coin and a penny to scale its size.

I hope you know what this creepy crawly is!

Thank you for telling me what that spider is! A common brown spider...
They are harmless, large, and very common in southern UK and in most places of the southern world...
You americans should be happy about not having those giant spiders crawling around your homes.

Picture of A HUGE Spider! (UPDATED)
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YOU STOLE MY PET I'm coming bob!
Plasmana (author)  kiss my donkey8 years ago
Lol, I let him back outside where he belongs.... :-)
Plasmana (author)  kiss my donkey8 years ago
Good? I thought it was bad, because how are you going to fine him?
When I got him at the pet shop I had them install a chip in him so if he ever got lost I would be able to track him down.
REDNEK7779 years ago
hate spiders
Plasmana (author)  REDNEK7779 years ago
Yeah, you don't want to meet a hugh one...
Like the 20 foot sci-fi ones in my back yard...
Plasmana (author)  gimmelotsarobots9 years ago
ha ha. No, If I had those I'd move to canada.
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