I am trying to make knex super gun that has a magazine it can shoot through a can has 1 main gun and a backup gun attachment shoots 70-120 feet with 3 rubber bands true semi has a scope has less than 900 pieces is over 2 feet has a silencer a stock and a bipod

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I ain't even into k-nex but if you could do that then I'd be interested.
YOU ARE CORNHOLIO! Do you need some TP, for your bunghole?
ojochris9 years ago
good luck with that...
Precicley what I was going to say.. A true semi that shoots 120 feet? YEA RIGHT
Main Gun..Dont Know??? 2nd Gun..how many bullets? Scope..EASY Stock..i can build Bi pod..Also very easy but fold up one?
The morrietti sniper by The Burrito master has a folding bi-pod.
Also 70-120 feet with the knex motors i dont think it is posible. i could be wrong but.. you could make a a knex motor... REMEMBER big gear to small more speed less torque small to big less speed more torque
T-man (author) 9 years ago
i cant build knex for 2 months. i broke a window.
Dutchj T-man9 years ago
What the... How did you manage to break a window? If you say you did it with a K'nex Gun I'm gonna lol. I've broken 1 window in my life, and that was the stupidest accident ever. I won't go into detail about it.
T-man (author)  Dutchj9 years ago
i was playing baseball...
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